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My Journey

I have a deep-seated passion for transformation, as yoga has created such a profound change in my own life. I became a yoga instructor with the intention that I wanted to do something that would impact and help the lives of others and that is what I strive for in each class. A Hatha form based class that uses strength to find a deeper stretch--through the embodiment of this method, one will see oneself transform both inside and out.

 I help to take students to that place within themselves where they find strength, beauty, and peace. This is something I strive for in all that I do, whether its engaging with my children or Kayaking at sunrise. All moments in life are a opportunities to connect, find, and strive for whatever it is that one is searching for in life.

 I am a RYT200 Yoga Teacher, I was certified through Namah Sivaya International School of Yoga. I have also studied under Christina Sell of The San Marcos School of Yoga, whose attention to detail and layers of asana description cannot be beaten. I have also studied with Manorama, a self-proclaimed Guru of Jivamukti Yoga School in NY. My experience with this amazing woman has broadened not only my insight of yoga but also my out look on life. With these experiences I hope to bring the same positive nurturing to each of my students.

 Yoga is more of service than a job and with that I live to serve in the lives of each person that I meet and to bring to them the opportunity of transformation that I was given. 

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